International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity

Volume 9, numéro 1-2, août–décembre 2021

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  1. Thinking Preference Awareness, Leadership Skills and Learning Behaviour
  2. Designing an Educational Environment in Six Steps: Teaching for Understanding and the Motivation for Understanding
  3. On Psychoses, Conspiracies, Creative Flow and the Absent-Mindedness of Genius: An Evolutionary Function-Dysfunction Taxonomy of the Multiple Subjective Realities of the Human Mind
  4. An Analysis of a Conflict Between the Theories of Creationism and Science in the Experience of a Pre-service Physics Teacher
  5. Supporting Mindfulness for the Next Generation
  6. Investigating the Success of Academically Talented Students with Financial Need: Pathways and Decisions of Jack Kent Cooke Scholars
  7. Global Principles for Professional Learning in Gifted Education and Italian Primary Teachers
  8. Two Centers for the Gifted, One Moon - The Program
  9. Education for Meaning: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?


Profiles of Creativity

  1. Lynn D. Newton

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