International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 13, numéro 4, octobre 2012

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Research Articles

  1. An Investigation of Collaboration Processes in an Online Course: How do Small Groups Develop over Time?
  2. Impact of OpenCourseWare Publication on Higher Education Participation and Student Recruitment
  3. Facebook Groups as LMS: A Case Study
  4. Footprints of Emergence
  5. Understanding E-Learning Adoption in Brazil: Major Determinants and Gender Effects
  6. Who am I and What Keeps Me Going? Profiling the Distance Learning Student in Higher Education
  7. Organizational Factors’ Effects on the Success of E-Learning Systems and Organizational Benefits: An Empirical Study in Taiwan
  8. Exploring Learner to Content Interaction as a Success Factor in Online Courses
  9. Assumptions and Challenges of Open Scholarship
  10. Beyond the Net Generation Debate: A Comparison of Digital Learners in Face-to-Face and Virtual Universities
  11. Mobile Microblogging: Using Twitter and Mobile Devices in an Online Course to Promote Learning in Authentic Contexts
  12. Sense of Community in Graduate Online Education: Contribution of Learner to Learner Interaction
  13. Student Access to and Skills in Using Technology in an Open and Distance Learning Context
  14. Emotional Presence, Learning, and the Online Learning Environment

Field Notes

  1. A Needs Assessment of ODL Educators to Determine their Effective Use of Open Educational Resources

Notes From Leadership in Open and Distance Learning

  1. Leadership, Personal Transformation, and Management

Book Notes


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