International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 13, numéro 5, décembre 2012 Special Issue: Technology-Enhanced Information Retrieval for Online Learning Sous la direction de Maiga Chang, Rita Kuo, Gene Loeb et Bolanle Olaniran

Sommaire (10 articles)


  1. Editorial - Volume 13, Issue Number 5

Research Articles

  1. Protecting Students’ Intellectual Property in the Web Plagiarism Detection Process
  2. A Rapid Auto-Indexing Technology for Designing Readable E-Learning Content
  3. An E-Book Hub Service Based on a Cloud Platform
  4. Contexts in a Paper Recommendation System with Collaborative Filtering
  5. Searching for and Positioning of Contextualized Learning Objects
  6. Instructor-Aided Asynchronous Question Answering System for Online Education and Distance Learning
  7. Drawing Dynamic Geometry Figures Online with Natural Language for Junior High School Geometry
  8. A Semi-Automatic Approach to Construct Vietnamese Ontology from Online Text

Research Notes

  1. A Qualitative Analysis Framework Using Natural Language Processing and Graph Theory

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