International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 15, numéro 5, novembre 2014 Special Issue: Research into Massive Open Online Courses Sous la direction de George Siemens

The dramatic increase in online education, particularly massive open online courses (MOOCs), presents researchers, academics, administrators, learners, and policy makers with a range of questions as to the effectiveness of this format of teaching and learning. In early 2013, the impact of MOOCs had been largely disseminated through press releases and university reports. The peer-reviewed research on MOOCs was minimal. The MOOC Research Initiative (MRI), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, addressed this research gap by evaluating MOOCs and how they impact teaching, learning, and education in general. This special issue reflects the research questions and methodologies deployed by MOOC researchers over the past year and represents the current front line evaluation of how open online courses are impacting education.

Sommaire (13 articles)

Research Articles

  1. The Employer Potential of MOOCs: A Mixed-Methods Study of Human Resource Professionals’ Thinking on MOOCs
  2. Writing to Learn and Learning to Write across the Disciplines: Peer-to-Peer Writing in Introductory-Level MOOCs
  3. Evaluating the Validity and Applicability of Automated Essay Scoring in Two Massive Open Online Courses
  4. Influence of Incentives on Performance in a Pre-College Biology MOOC
  5. Resource Requirements and Costs of Developing and Delivering MOOCs
  6. Where is Research on Massive Open Online Courses Headed? A Data Analysis of the MOOC Research Initiative
  7. Democratizing Higher Education: Exploring MOOC Use Among Those Who Cannot Afford a Formal Education
  8. Supporting Professional Learning in a Massive Open Online Course
  9. Towards an Integration of Text and Graph Clustering Methods as a Lens for Studying Social Interaction in MOOCs
  10. A Comparison of Learner Intent and Behaviour in Live and Archived MOOCs
  11. A Social Network Perspective on Peer Supported Learning in MOOCs for Educators
  12. Making ‘MOOCs’: The Construction of a New Digital Higher Education within News Media Discourse
  13. MOOC Integration into Secondary School Courses


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