International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 17, numéro 2, février 2016

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Research Articles

  1. Comparative Analysis of Pedagogical Strategies Across Disciplines in Open Distance Learning at Unisa
  2. Connectivism in Learning Activity Design: Implications for Pedagogically-Based Technology Adoption in African Higher Education Contexts
  3. Evaluation of Intelligent Grouping Based on Learners’ Collaboration Competence Level in Online Collaborative Learning Environment
  4. Factors Influencing Teachers’ Use of Multimedia Enhanced Content in Secondary Schools in Tanzania
  5. Dyads Versus Groups: Using Different Social Structures in Peer Review to Enhance Online Collaborative Learning Processes
  6. Learners’ Interpersonal Beliefs and Generated Feedback in an Online Role-Playing Peer- Feedback Activity: An Exploratory Study
  7. Should Instructors Require Discussion in Online Courses? Effects of Online Discussion on Community of Inquiry, Learner Time, Satisfaction, and Achievement
  8. Preservice Teachers’ Perception and Use of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)
  9. Issues and Challenges in Open and Distance e-Learning: Perspectives from the Philippines
  10. E-learning in Mongolian Higher Education
  11. A Systematic Analysis and Synthesis of the Empirical MOOC Literature Published in 2013–2015

Field Notes

  1. Experience with a Massive Open Online Course in Rural Rwanda

Book Notes


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