Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 20, numéro 1, spring 2000

Sommaire (22 articles)

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    Reflections on the 20th Anniversary Issue
    Taking Stock
    Preventing the Bloodbath: Could the UN have Predicted and Prevented the Rwandan Genocide?
    Blue Helmets From the South: Accounting for the Participation of Weaker States in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
    How Could They Do It? : The Bombing Of Omagh, 1998
    Terrorism and the Issue of International Cooperation
    Unlocking the Key to Authority: The Contest Over Encryption Regulation

Review Essays

    The Gulf of Tonkin Events and the American Escalation in Vietnam
    Can Ireland Have Peace?
    Improving Peace Operations
    The Face of Modern Battle

Book Reviews

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    Compliance Under Type C Coercive Diplomacy: Theoretical Insights from US Policy Toward Haiti, 1991-94