Journal of Conflict Studies

Volume 26, numéro 1, summer 2006

Sommaire (13 articles)

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  1. Hamas, Islam, and Israel
  2. At the Crossroads: : Saudi Arabia's Dilemmas
  3. Gandhi and bin Laden: : Religious Conflict at the Polar Extremes
  4. National Liberation Narratives
  5. Protracted Conflicts, Crises, and Ethnicity: : The Arab-Israeli and India-Pakistan Conflicts, 1947-2005
  6. George Kennan and the Inauguration of Political Warfare

Research Essay

  1. Nuclear Terrorism: : Exaggerating the Threat?

Book Reviews

  1. Naftali, Timothy. Blind Spot: The Secret History of American Counterterrorism. New York: Basic Books, 2005.
  2. Born, Hans, and Ian Leigh. Making Intelligence Accountable: Legal Standards and Best Practice for Oversight of Intelligence Agencies. Oslo: Publishing House of the Parliament of Norway, 2005.
  3. Brown, Amy Benson, and Karen M. Poremski. Roads To Reconciliation: Conflict and Dialogue In The Twenty-First Century. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2005.
  4. Lauria-Santiago, Aldo, and Leigh Binford, eds. Landscapes of Struggle: Politics, Society, and Community in El Salvador. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004.
  5. Winslow, Deborah, and Michael D. Woost eds., Economy, Culture and Civil War in Sri Lanka. Bloomington IN: University of Indiana Press, 2004.

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