Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies

Volume 6, numéro 1, 2022 COVID-19, Online Instruction, and Open Educational Resources

Sommaire (6 articles)

Teaching Reflections

  1. Getting Scrappy in the Classroom During COVID-19: Collaboration, Open Educational Resources, and Hands-on Learning for Humanities Students
  2. Open Educational Resources in the Time of COVID-19: Two Case Studies of Open Video Design in the Remote Learning Environment
  3. Open Educational Resources as the Third Pillar in Project-Based Learning During COVID-19: The Case of #dariahTeach
  4. Reading Together: Engaging Undergraduate Writers Through an Online Book Club
  5. Reclaiming the Classics for a Diverse and Global World Through OER
  6. Teaching Indigenous Language Revitalization over Zoom


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