Labour/Le Travailleur

Volume 36, 1995

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  1. The Construction Workers' Strike on the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1879
  2. Loafers Are Not Going to Subsist Upon Public Credulence: Vagrancy and the Law in Calgary, 1900-1914
  3. Winning Women for Socialism: The Ontario CCF and Women, 1947-1961
  4. Even the Little Children Cooperated: Family Strategies, Childcare Discourse, and Social Welfare Debates 1945-1975
  5. Women Workers, Employment Policy and the State: The Establishment of the Ontario Women's Bureau, 1963-1970
  6. The Impact of the Postwar Compromise on Canadian Unionism: The Formation of an Auto Worker Local in the 1950s

Committee On Canadian Labour History / Comité d'histoire de travailleurs Canadiens

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