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Volume 39, 1997

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  1. Nineteenth-Century Collective Violence: Toward a North American Context
  2. Debunking the Public Health Myth: Municipal Politics and Class Conflict During the Galt, Ontario Waterworks Campaigns, 1888-1890
  3. 'Ruffled' Mistresses and 'Discontented' Maids: Respectability and the Case of Domestic Service, 1880-1914
  4. What Kind of Unionism: Struggles Among Sydney Steel Workers in the SWOC Years, 1936-1942
  5. 'Cowering Women, Combative Men?': Femininity, Masculinity, and Ethnicity on Strike in Two Southern Ontario Towns, 1964-1966

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  1. The Big Sleep: The Malartic Mine Fire of 1947

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