Volume 79, spring 2017

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  1. In Search of C.B. Wade, Research Directorand Labour Historian, 1944–1950
  2. Tilting at Windmills : The Utopian Socialist Roots of the Patriot War, 1838–1839
  3. From Scavengers to Sanitation Workers : Practices of Purification and the Making of Civic Employees in Toronto, 1890–1920
  4. Green Gold, Red Threats : Organization and Resistance in Depression-Era Ontario Tobacco
  5. How the Cold War Began ... with British Help : The Gouzenko Affair Revisited
  6. « Y aura-t-il toujours des pauvres? » : les transformations des discours sur la pauvreté en période de prospérité

Note and Document / Note et Document

  1. Proletarian Cromwell : Two Found Poems Offer Insights into One of Canada's Long-Forgotten Communist Labour Leaders

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  1. Migration and the Canadian Labour Market
  2. From Such Great Heights

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