Material Culture Review

Volume 71, 2010

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  1. Bali’s Ethnic Arts Industry:: Crafting Global Identities Amidst a National Tourist Agenda
  2. Narrating Personal and Collective History in Heritage Tourism:: Conflicting Representations of the São Domingos Mine and Community
  3. Public Spectacles, Private Narratives:: Canadian Heritage Campaigns, Maternal Trauma and the Rise of the Koffort (trunk) in Icelandic-Canadian Popular Memory
  4. Narratives, Images and Objects of Piety and Loss in Brittany
  5. Via Media:: The Circulation of Narratives and their Influence on Tourists’ and Residents’ Actions and Memories
  6. Reading the Visual:: Representation and Narrative in the Construction of Heritage
  7. Here, But Not Now:: A Local Tour of a Global Future in The Afterlife of Buildings

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