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Studies in Book Culture

Volume 11, numéro 2, printemps 2020 Commerce du livre, carnaval du livre Book Commerce Book Carnival Sous la direction de Beth Driscoll et Claire Squires

Sommaire (12 articles)

  1. Book Commerce Book Carnival: An Introduction to the Special Issue


  1. Die Buchwelt zu Gast in Frankfurt”: Understanding the Impact of the Guest of Honour Presentation at Frankfurt Book Fair on the German Literary Marketplace
  2. State-funded Support of International Trade in Rights and Licenses: Translation Funding Programs of Guests of Honour Argentina and France at the 2010 and 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair
  3. Branding like a City: Barcelona and its Literature at the Buenos Aires Book Fair
  4. Negotiating Value: A Case Study of the Gothenburg Book Fair
  5. Jaipur Literature Festival, the Gendered Literary Field, and the MeToo Movement in India
  6. “Keep Portland Weird”? Carnivalesque Elements in the Rebranding of the Portland Book Festival
  7. Translation Jousts and Translation Genres: Translating Culture and Style at the Quais du Polar
  8. Cultural Capital as Performance: Tote Bags and Contemporary Literary Festivals
  9. Experiments with Book Festival People (Real and Imaginary)


  1. The Class of 1838: A Social History of the First Victorian Novelists
  2. Les éditeurs émergents en Belgique francophone : enjeux de fonctionnement et de développement

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