Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 1, numéro 2, fall 1985

Sommaire (11 articles)

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  1. Peter M. Stuwitz and the Newfoundland Inshore Fishery in 1840
  2. Newfoundland's Frontier Demographic Experience: The World We Have Not Lost
  3. Commander William Chimmo's Labrador Drawings of 1867
  4. Energy, Regionalism and Canadian Nationalism


  1. Confederation, 1937

Review Articles

  1. Newfoundland in Photographs
  2. Coming of Age in Marten

Book Reviews

  1. The Natural Environment of Newfoundland, Past and Present. Ed. Alan G. Macpherson and Joyce Brown Macpherson.
  2. James Louis O'Donel in Newfoundland 1784-1807: The Establishment of the Roman Catholic Church. Raymond J. Lahey. Ed. Shannon Ryan & G. M. Story. - and - Gentlemen-Bishops and Faction Fighters: The Letters of Bishops O'Donel, Lambert, Scallan and Other Irish Missionaries. Ed. Cyril J. Byrne.
  3. Leaving Early— A Study of Student Retention in Newfoundland and Labrador.


  1. Bibliography of Recent Publications