Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 4, numéro 2, fall 1988

Sommaire (11 articles) 


    Newfoundland entries in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 6 (1821-35) and vol. 8 (1851-60). Ed. Francess G. Halpenny and Jean Hamelin.


    "A tune beyond us as we are": Reflections on Newfoundland Community Song and Ballad
    State-of-the-Art French Cartography in Eighteenth Century Newfoundland: The Work of Marc Antoine Sicre de Cinq-Mars

Research Notes

    The Career of F. Gordon Bradley


    Alexander Bishop's Account of the Exhumation of the Argentia Cemeteries, August, 1942

Review Article

    Fitting Newfoundland In


    Come and I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Songbook. Ed. Genevieve Lehr. Comp. Lehr and Anita Best.
    Media Sense: The Folklore — Popular Culture Continuum. Ed. Peter Narváez and Martin Laba.
    Contrary Winds: Essays on Newfoundland Society in Crisis. Ed. Rex Clark.
    Summer of the Greater Yellowlegs. Patrick O'Flaherty.


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