Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 5, numéro 1, spring 1989

Sommaire (8 articles) 


    Alexander's Conundrum Reconsidered: The American Dimension in Newfoundland Resource Development, 1898-1910
    Newfoundland's "Dangerous" Internees Who Never Were: The History of Victoria Camp, 1940-43
    Literary and Oral Styles in Newfoundland Autobiographies
    The Atlantic Canada Shipping Project: A Retrospective and Rejoinder


    The 1855 Election in Bonavista Bay: An Anglican Perspective

Book Reviews

    Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949. Peter Neary.
    Talking Violence: An Anthropological Interpretation of Conversation in the City. Nigel Rapport.


    Recent Publications and Works Relating to Newfoundland