Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 13, numéro 1, spring 1997

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  1. "Such a Banditti": Irish Convicts in Newfoundland, 1789. Part I
  2. Medieval Survivals: Reflections on Ron Hynes, cryer's paradise
  3. Migrant, Intern, Doctor — Spy? Dr. Eric Wermuth in Second World War Newfoundland


  1. Ralph T. Pastore, Shanawdithit's People: The Archaeology of the Beothuks.
  2. Herbert Halpert and J.D.A. Widdowson, Folktales of Newfoundland.
  3. arguments with gravity. Michael Crummey.
  4. Gaff Topsails. Patrick Kavanagh.
  5. In the Land of the Innu: The People of Sheshatshit. Jose Mailhot
  6. The Greatest Fishing Station in the World. William Wilson.


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