Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 14, numéro 1, spring 1998

Sommaire (11 articles)

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  1. Brown Flour and Beriberi: The Politics of Dietary and Health Reform in Newfoundland in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
  2. John Reeves, Esq. Newfoundland's First Chief Justice: English Law and Politics in the Eighteenth Century


    "And gave just as much as they got": a 1941 American Perspective on Public Health in Newfoundland

Review Articles

  1. Heartbreak Hotel, St. John's, Newfoundland


  1. Maritime History Volume 1: The Age of Discovery, John Hattendorf (ed.).
  2. Reminiscences of J.P. Howley: Selected years. W.J. Kirwin, G.M. Story and Patrick A. O'Flaherty (eds.).
  3. Making a World of Difference: Essays on Tourism, Culture and Development in Newfoundland. James Overton.
  4. Proceedings of the Workshop on Newfoundland Theatre Research. Denyse Lynde, Helen Peters, Richard Buehler, eds; Voices from the Landwash: 11 Newfoundland Playwrights. Denyse Lynde, ed.
  5. The Michael Cook Papers: First Accession and Second Accession... Marlys Chevrefils (comp.), Apollonia Steele (ed.) and Malcolm Page (biographical essay).
  6. Newfoundlander in Exile. The Life and Times of Philip Tocque (1814-1899). Marjorie M. Doyle.


  1. Recent Publications and Works Relating to Newfoundland