Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 16, numéro 1, spring 2000

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  1. "... Notoriously disaffected to the Government..." British allegations of Irish disloyalty in eighteenth-century Newfoundland
  2. Expecting to Leave: Attitudes to Migration Among High School Students on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland


  1. " arouse our city from its deathlike apathy, from its reproachable lethargy, from its slumber of industrial and social death." The 1939 St. John's Municipal Housing Scheme

Review Articles

  1. Truth and Fiction


  1. People of the Bays and Headlands: Anthropological History and the Fate of Communities in Unknown Labrador. John C. Kennedy.
  2. The Fogo's War Trilogy. Patric Ryan.
  3. Drawing on Water. Wade Kearley; At First Light. Donald McGrath.
  4. Kill the Poets: anti-verse. Kenneth J. Harvey.
  5. Music from the Heart: Compositions of a Folk Fiddler. Colin Quigley.
  6. The Voice of Generations: A History of Communications in Newfoundland. Michael McCarthy, Frank Galgay and Jack O'Keefe.
  7. TickieAce: A Journal of Literary and Visual Art.


  1. Recent Publications and Works Relating to Newfoundland and Labrador