Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 16, numéro 2, fall 2000

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  1. Stuart O. Pierson (1934-2001)
  2. "I Had Better Be Without Him..." Rivalry, Deception and Social Status within the Poole-Newfoundland Trade
  3. Maud Karpeles, Newfoundland, and the Crisis of the Folksong Revival, 1924-1935
  4. Sparking A Cultural Revolution: Joey Smallwood, Farley Mowat, Harold Horwood and Newfoundland's Cultural Renaissance


  1. Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland. E.R. Seary.


  1. R.O. Jones' Letters from the Newfoundland Coast, 1937

Review Articles

  1. Dreaming Backwards: Agnes Walsh's In the Old Country of My Heart.


  1. Final Report of the Eco-Research Project "Sustainability In A Changing Cold-Ocean Environment." Dr. Rosemary Ommer, Principal Investigator.
  2. Monsters of the Sea: the History, Natural History, and Mythology of the Ocean's Most Fantastic Creatures. Richard Ellis; The Search for the Giant Squid. Richard Ellis.
  3. A Thousand and One First Nights. Leslie Yeo.
  4. I Moved All My Women Upstairs. Roberta Buchanan.
  5. Places of Presence: Newfoundland Kin and Ancestral Land, Newfoundland 1989-1991. Marlene Creates.
  6. now the moon appears among the lilies. Susan Ingersoll.
  7. Hard Light. Michael Crummey.
  8. Twig: poems from 3901. Carey J. Bishop, Andrew Draskoy, CM. Hoyles, Paul Whittle.
  9. I Hope It Don't Rain Tonight. Phillip Igloliorti.


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