Narrative Matters

Volume 1, numéro 1, 2011

Sommaire (8 articles)

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Front Matter

  1. Editors’ Introduction


  1. Looking Forward, Looking Back: Future Challenges for Narrative Research: An event commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London
  2. "Bet you think this song is about you":: Whose Narrative Is It in Narrative Research?
  3. Pema’s Tale:: Intercultural Communication as Storytelling
  4. Providing Visions of a Different Life:: Self-study Narrative Inquiry as an Instrument for Seeing Ourselves in Previously-Unimagined Places
  5. Restorying "Caring" in Education:: Students’ Narratives of Caring for and about

Outside the Box

  1. Hidden Stories, Toxic Stories, Healing Stories:: The Power of Narrative in Peace and Reconciliation


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