Narrative Works

Volume 3, numéro 2, 2013

Sommaire (8 articles)

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  1. Subjective Darkness: Depression as a Disintegration of Meaning in the Core Narrative
  2. The Narrative Shaping of Meaning in Gail Godwin’s A Southern Family:: Why Fiction?

Special Section: Narratives of Translation within Research Practice

  1. Introduction
  2. Dialogical and Transversal Translation: Trespassing Cultural Boundaries and Making the Self through Language
  3. Narratives in/of Translations: A Trialogue on Translating Narratives Cross-Culturally
  4. Transitions and Translations: The Story of Carrying Out Higher Education Field Research in Three Languages in Two Countries
  5. Narrating Nadia: An Interview Lost between Translation and a Kidnapping

Book Reviews (Invited)

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