Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Volume 23, numéro 2, 2016

Sommaire (14 articles)

Research Articles

  1. Unequal Classrooms: Online Higher Education and Non-Cognitive Skills
  2. Philosophy for Children Meets the Art of Living: A Holistic Approach to an Education for Life
  3. The Epistemology Behind the Educational Philosophy of Montessori: Senses, Concepts, and Choice
  4. Envisioning the Experience of Others: Moral Imagination, Practical Wisdom and the Scope of Empathy
  5. Cultivating Identities: The Catholic School as Diverse Ecclesial Space

Dialogue and Debate

  1. Catholic Schooling and the Permeation Trap: A Response to McDonough
  2. Respect With Recognition? A Defence of the OCSTA’s “Respecting Difference” Policy
  3. A Citation Analysis of Philosophy of Education Journals
  4. The Sticky Side of Hypocrisy: Environmental Activism in an Oil-Drenched World
  5. No Need to Worry: Multiple Profiles of Philosophy of Education in, and in Relation to, the World of Education and the World of Philosophy

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