Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Numéro 66-67, spring–fall 2016 The Two Darwins Sous la direction de Martin Priestman et Louise Lee

Sommaire (8 articles)


  1. Evolution and Literature: The Two Darwins
  2. Questions of inheritance: Erasmus and Charles Darwin
  3. The Fertile Darwins: Epigenesis, Organicism, and the Problem of Inheritance
  4. Charles Darwin’s The Life of Erasmus Darwin
  5. Epic Poetry and the Origins of Evolutionary Theory
  6. The Other Darwin’s Plots: Evolution as Literature in Erasmus Darwin, Samuel Butler and George Bernard Shaw
  7. “The very air is a vital essence”: Pneumaticism at the Poles
  8. Charles Darwin’s “Scientific Wit”: Incongruity, Species Fixity & The Nonsense of Looking


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