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Numéro 68-69, spring–fall 2017 Robert Southey Sous la direction de Tim Fulford et Matthew Sangster

Sommaire (10 articles)


  1. Introduction—Southeyan Correspondences
  2. Robert Southey, Politics, and the Year 1817
  3. Poetic Industry and Abominable Superstition: Southey on Lope de Vega
  4. “Et in Utopia ego”: Sir Thomas More and “Montesinos,” a Southey Mystery “Solved”
  5. “Furnace-smoke ... wrapt him round”: Industrial Hinduism and Global Empire in The Curse of Kehama and Sir Thomas More
  6. Prosaic Poetry and Pneumatic Craving in Southey’s Curse of Kehama
  7. “Mindful of the hour of conquest”: Welsh Patriotism in Southey’s 1798 Morning Post Poems
  8. Settling at Keswick: Affective Bioregionalism in Southey Country
  9. Southey Versus London: Proto-Romantic Disaffection and Dehumanisation in the British Metropolis

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