Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 3, numéro 2, summer 1978

Sommaire (16 articles)

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    "Between One Cliche and Another": Language in The Double Hook
    Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle: The Artist as Escapist and Seer
    The Face in the Window: Sunshine Sketches Reconsidered
    The Progress of David's Imagination
    Structure and Detail in Lives of Girls and Women
    Society in Transition: Fiction and Canadian Society 1890-1940
    "Each in his prison / Thinking of the key": Images of Confinement and Liberation in Margaret Avison

Notes and Commentaries

    Economies of Scale: Madeline Ferron's "Le Peuplement de la Terre"
    Atwood and Laurence: Poet and Novelist
    Incongruity and Nostalgia in Sarah Binks
    Wild Geese: The Death of Caleb Gare
    Rachel's Benign Growth
    Notes on Critical Practice: A Reply to Jean Mallinson
    A Reply to John Bently Mays
    A Response to Jean Mallinson's "Poetry and Ideology"
    Snow Blindness

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