Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 42, numéro 1, 2017

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Front Matter

    Front Matter


  1. Re: Confederating Canada: Nineteenth-Century Canadian Literature, Forward and Back


  1. The Affective Geography of Wild Rice: A Literary Study
  2. Early Canadian Queer Literature, or In and Out of the Fur-Lined Closet : Susan Frances Harrison's The Forest of Bourg-Marie
  3. The Nationalization of Nature : Morning on the Lièvre
  4. Simile, Metaphor, and the Making and Perception of Canada
  5. Discours identitaires véhiculés par les premiers journaux francophones en Acadie (1867-1900) : Confédération ou colonisation?
  6. Literary Legacies and Afterlives of Samuel Hearne
  7. "Every Heart North of the Tweed" : Placing Canadian Magazines of the 1820s and 1830s
  8. William Kirby's "Taint of Swedenborgianism" : The Doctrines of Conjugial Love and Charity in Le Chien d'or
  9. James Martin Cawdell and Medieval Politics in Early Canada
  10. Agnes C. Laut : High Ideals and Dreams of Unity
  11. The Tantramar, Revisited yet Again : Charles G.D. Roberts's Agon with the Wordsworths


  1. Notes on Contributors