Vie des arts

Volume 53, numéro 216, supplément, automne 2009

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Note from the Editor

  1. Presumed Unknown…


  1. Jim Dine: Concealed in View / Galerie de Bellefeuille,, To October 7, 2009
  2. The Venice Biennale: Teleportation and a Cold Morning / 53, Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte, Venezia, Italy, 6 June to 22 November 2009
  3. Philippe Lacelin-Bellefleur: The Whims of Chance and the Good Fortunes of the Artist / Le pouvoir de l’imprévisible, Galerie des arts contemporains,, From 22 October to 3 November 2009
  4. Pascaline Knight: The Art of Seeing / Is There More in a Coffee Chain?, May 2009, DARE-DARE,,,

Presumed Unknown…

  1. Toni Latour: Queer as Folk
  2. Mitchell F. Chan: Traditional Strategies in Building
  3. James Lindsay: An Unknown Artist, and Unknown Revolutionary
  4. Brenda Cleniuk: Wind Song Machine
  5. François Carrier: Material Expansion
  6. Ashley Johnson: Zoomorphic Gestalt
  7. Maskull Lasserre: Wishbone Hangers and Other Objects
  8. Stephanie Weirathmueller: Beauty in the Ordinary
  9. Karen Stentaford: Harvesting Images

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