Volume 22, Number 2, Spring 1993

Table of contents (18 articles)

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

    Contributors / Collaborateurs

Editor's Note / Note du directeur

    Editor's Note
    Note du directeur


    New Brunswick Agriculture at the End of the Colonial Era: : A Reassessment
    The Mysterious Stranger and the Acadian Good Samaritan: : Leprosy Folklore in 19th-century New Brunswick
    Darwinism and Evolution: : Three Nova Scotia Newspapers Respond, 1860-1900
    Separate Spheres in a Separate World: : African-Nova Scotian Women in late-19th-century Halifax County
    The Prevention of Cruelty, Marriage Breakdown and the Rights of Wives in Nova Scotia, 1880-1900
    History and the Tourist Gaze: : The Politics of Commemoration in Nova Scotia, 1935-1964

Research Note / Note de recherche

    The Dominion Bureau of Statistics and the Deindustrialization of the Maritimes, 1919-1922

Review Essays / Notes critiques

    Making Waves: : Gender and Sex in the History of Seafaring
    "Character and Circumstance": : Political Biography in the 1990s
    Canadian History, New Yet Familiar
    The Constitutional Rounds
    Regionalism, Politics and Canadian Unity in the Age of a Global Economy

Bibliography / Bibliographie

    Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region