Volume 28, Number 1, Autumn 1998

Table of contents (16 articles)

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs


  1. History, Native Issues and the Courts: : A Forum
  2. R. v Donald Marshall Jr., 1993-1996
  3. Historians and the Courts
  4. Historians and the Culture of the Courts


  1. Nouvelles perspectives sur le mouvement d’émigration des Maritimes vers les États-Unis, 1906-1930
  2. Cossar’s Colonists: : Juvenile Migration to New Brunswick in the 1920s

Research Notes / Notes de Recherche

  1. Graffiti and Sacred Spaces: : Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Dorchester, N.B.

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. After Canada: : On Amnesia and Apocalypse in the Contemporary Crisis
  2. Canadian Sport History
  3. Newspapers, Magazines and Journalism in Canada: : Towards a Critical Historiography
  4. The History of St. Francis Xavier University
  5. The Road from Westray: : A Predictable Path to Disaster?

Bibliography / Bibliographie

  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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