Volume 31, Number 1, Automn 2001

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs


  1. Private and Government Funding: : The Case of the Moncton Hospital, 1898-1953
  2. Rooted in the Soil: : Farm Family Persistence in Burton Parish, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, 1851-1901
  3. "Local Girls" and "Lab Boys": : Gender, Skill and Medical Laboratories in Nova Scotia in the 1920s and 1930s
  4. Dismissal of a President: : The Ordeal of Carleton Stanley at Dalhousie University, 1943-1945
  5. Flattered But Not Imitated: : Co-operative Self-Help and the Nova Scotia Housing Commission, 1936-1973


  1. Thinking About Mountains, Valleys and Solitudes: : Historical Geography and the New Atlantic History

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Going Public: : Atlantic Canadian Academics and Popular History
  2. Poseidon’s Sphere: : Early Naval History in Atlantic Canada
  3. Something Old, Something New: : Canada and the American Civil War
  4. Whose Fish? : Science, Ecosystems and Ethics in Fisheries Management Literature since 1992

Bibliography / Bibliographie

  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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