Volume 35, Number 2, Spring/Printemps 2006

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  1. The Myth of the Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler:: The Role of a CBC Film in the Cape Breton Fiddle Revival
  2. "If it saves one life, all the effort . . . is worthwhile":: Crossroads for Women/Carrefour pour femmes, Moncton, 1979-1987
  3. A Defensive Alliance:: The Maritime Provinces and the Turgeon Commission on Transportation, 1948-1951
  4. Moving and Moving Forward:: Mushuau Innu Relocation from Davis Inlet to Natuashish
  5. Where's the Policy? Immigration to New Brunswick, 1945-1971
  6. Let Them Eat Beef:: The Prince Edward Island-Newfoundland Beef-Cattle Trade, 1942-1946


Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. L'expérience des communautés francophones minoritaires en milieu urbain
  2. Life After Île Ste-Croix

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