Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2009

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  1. Portrait d’un « fondateur dans l’âme » :: Clément Cormier, pionnier des sciences sociales en Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick
  2. Who’s Afraid of the Fenians? The Fenian Scare on Prince Edward Island, 1865-1867
  3. Welcoming the Newlyweds:: Charivari, Shivaree, Serenade, Banjo, and Saluting in Nova Scotia, 1917-c.1975
  4. "For a Socialist New Brunswick":: The New Brunswick Waffle, 1967-1972
  5. Myth and Migration:: Unpicking the Career of the Reverend John Sprott
  6. Bureaucratizing the Atlantic Revolution:: The "Saskatchewan Mafia" in the New Brunswick Civil Service, 1960-1970

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