Volume 40, Number 2, Fall 2011

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

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  1. Nova Scotia Lost and Found: : The Acadian Boundary Negotiation and Imperial Envisioning, 1750-1755
  2. L’histoire de l’Acadie telle que racontée par les jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick : : construction et déconstruction d’un récit historique
  3. The Udder Side of Maritime Rights: : Bovine Tuberculosis and Federal Regulatory Power in 1920s Prince Edward Island

Research Notes / Notes de Recherche

  1. The 1895 Newfoundland-Canada Confederation Negotiations: : A Re-consideration
  2. Smallwood, Churchill Falls, and the Power Corridor through Quebec

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Migrations et histoire de l’Atlantique
  2. Urban Biography: : Print Books in the Digital Age
  3. The Art of Biography
  4. Chronicles of Place: : Synthesis and Historiography in Recent Books About Atlantic Canada


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