Volume 44, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2015

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  1. The Moving Image on the North Atlantic, 1930-1950 : The Case of the Grenfell Mission
  2. “A Fine, Hardy, Good-Looking Race of People” : Travel Writers, Tourism Promoters, and the Highland Scots Identity on Cape Breton Island, 1829-1920
  3. Colonial Patriotism to “Mystical Chords of Memory” : The Halifax Celebrations and Commemorations of the  Shannon-Chesapeake Battle
  4. La brayonnité, la brayonnité?!?  : référence madawaskayenne en chantier, 1785-2014
  5. “Are They Getting Out of Control?” : The Renegotiation of Nursing Practice in the Maritimes, 1950-1970

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