An International Journal for Critical Geographies
Revue internationale de géographie critique
Revista internacional de geografía crítica

Volume 22, Number 5, 2023 Special Issue: Fugitivity as Method

iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa. Image Credit: BY-CC SA-ND Alex Moulton. 2019.

Table of contents (7 articles)

Special Issue: Fugitivity as Method

  1. Toward ‘Fugitivity as Method’: An Introduction to the Special Issue
  2. Fugitive Ecologies: Marronage and Invasive Species in Jamaica
  3. Counter-Mapping Maroon Cartographies: GIS and Anticolonial Modeling in St. Croix
  4. The Fugitive Underground of British Blackness: Insights from London’s ‘Riotous’ Geographies
  5. Becoming Fugitive: Migration in the American and EurAfrican Borderlands
  6. Roofscapes: Narrative Geographies of Fugitive Praxis
  7. Fugitive Repair


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