Sources and Studies in the History of Science

Volume 3, Number 1, 2022

Table of contents (16 articles)

Research Article

  1. Apuleius on the Heaven: A Question of Authority
  2. The Set of Alfonsine Tables Underlying Giovanni Bianchini’s Planetary Tables
  3. Bloodletting in Babylonia Revisited
  4. Babylonian House Numbers and Squares of Zodiacal Signs: The Origin of the Quadruplicities, Part II


  1. The Science and Myth of Galileo between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries in Europe by Massimo Bucciantini
  2. A Walk through the Iranian Heavens: Spherical and NonSpherical Cosmographic Models in the Imagination of Ancient Iran and Its Neighbors by Antonio C. D. Panaino
  3. The Doctrines of Triangles: A History of Modern Trigonometry by Glen Van Brummelen
  4. Le Moyen Âge et les sciences edited by Danielle Jacquart and Agostino Paravicini Bagliani
  5. Aristotle’s Μετεωρολογικά: Meteorology Then and Now by Anastasios A. Tsonis and Christos Zerefos
  6. Poésie et astronomie. De l’antiquité au romantism edited by Florian Barrière and Caroline Bertonèche
  7. Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes: 2. Translations and Acculturations edited by Dragos Calma
  8. Ptolemy’s Science of the Stars in the Middle Ages edited by David Juste, Benno van Dalen, Dag Nikolaus Hasse, and Charles Burnett
  9. A Companion to Byzantine Science edited by Stavros Lazaris
  10. Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes: 3. On Causes and the Noetic Triad by Dragos Calma
  11. Religious Excitement in Ancient Anatolia: Cult and Devotional Forms for Solar and Lunar Gods by Iulian Moga. Translated into English by Alina Piftor

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