Alberta Journal of Educational Research

Volume 70, Number 1, Spring 2024 70th Anniversary Issue

Table of contents (8 articles)



  1. Early Absenteeism and Academic Outcomes: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study
  2. Single-Sex Schooling at an Elite Independent School: A Multi-Methods Case Study
  3. The Effect of Drama-Based Social Studies Education on Psychological Resilience and Well-Being Levels of Secondary School Students Affected by the Earthquake
  4. Changing the Story: Indigenous Youth Belong in Post-Secondary Education
  5. Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Pilates Program on Physical Fitness Among Adolescent Students in School
  6. Knowing, Doing, and Becoming Reflective Practitioners: A Narrative Inquiry of STEAM Educators
  7. “They know how to navigate… but they don’t know where to go”: Students’ Feedback on Mathematics Teachers’ Practices