The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists

Number 93, Spring 2022

Front Cover Photograph: Fiona Tan, Archive (New Westminster, BC: New Media Gallery, 2019), single- channel HD projected video with sound.

Photograph by Rachel Topham. Source: New Media Gallery.

Table of contents (9 articles)


  1. "Let Us See What Is Meant by the Word Recorde": Concepts of Record from the Middle Ages to the Early 20th Century
  2. Documenting Events in Times of Crisis: Investigating Traditional and Contemporary Thai Archival Practices
  3. Oral History, Donor Engagement, and the Cocreation of Knowledge in an Academic Archives

Studies in Documents

  1. The Personal Papers of American Sailors, 1890s–1940s

Gordon Dodds Prize

  1. Colonialism, Computerized: The Canada Land Inventory and the Canada Geographic Information System at Library and Archives Canada

Book Reviews

Exhibition Reviews


  1. Lilly A. Koltun: 1951-2021

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