The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists

Number 94, Fall–Winter 2022 Special Issue - Toward Person-Centred Archival Theory and Praxis Guest-edited by Jennifer Douglas, Mya Ballin, Jessica Lapp and Sadaf Ahmadbeigi

Back cover: Jorge, illustrated by Martha Soto Gallo as part of Entre nombres sin cuerpo: La memoria como estrategia metodológica para la acción forense sin daño en casos de desaparición forzada, a research project by Andrea Romero, 2019. Source: Personal archive of Jorge Soto, published with permission from Martha Soto Gallo.

Table of contents (12 articles)

From the Guest Editors

  1. Introduction


  1. Always Coming Home: Territories of Relation and Reparative Archives
  2. A Framework for Person-Centred Recordkeeping Drawn through the Lens of Out-of-Home Child-Care Contexts
  3. Convenient Fires and Floods and Impossible Archival Imaginaries: Describing the Missing Records of Children's Institutions
  4. “They Weren’t Necessarily Designed with Lived Experiences of Disability in Mind”: The Affect of Archival In/Accessibility and “Emotionally Expensive” Spatial Un/Belonging
  5. Archival Harm Reduction: A Theoretical Framework for Utilizing Harm-Reduction Concepts in Archival Practice
  6. Gossip as Practice, Gossip as Care: Affective Information Practices in the Archives
  7. Evidence of Jorge: Documentary Traces of a Forced Disappearance in Colombia
  8. Documenting Disappearance: Personal Archives, Life Writing, and the Self in Sri Lanka
  9. Bowline on a Bight: Doing Right by the Records of Lilian Bland

Book Reviews

Film Reviews

  1. Beans, Dramatic film by Tracey Deer

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