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Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice
Études critiques sur le genre, la culture, et la justice

Volume 41, Number 1, 2020

Table of contents (14 articles)

Special Section: Speaking Freely and Freedom of Speech

  1. Speaking Freely and Freedom of Speech: Feminists Navigating the "New" Right
  2. Hostility, Harassment, and Violence: On the Limits of ‘Free Speech’ for Minority Feminist Scholars
  3. Speaking Freely vs. Dignitary Harm: Balancing Students’ Freedom of Expression and Associational Rights with their Right to an Equitable Learning Environment
  4. Free Speech Rhetoric and Normalizing Violence: Setting Higher Standards for University Guest Speaker Policies
  5. Addressing Sexual Violence at Ontario Universities in the Context of Rising Anti-Feminist Backlash
  6. Speaking Freely and Freedom of Speech: Why is Black Feminist Thought Left Out of Ontario University Sexual Violence Policies?
  7. Snapping: Feminist Pedagogy and Navigating the “New” Right
  8. Dis/Consent: Persepectives on Sexual Consent and Sexual Violence
  9. Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age

Special Section: Transnational Feminism

  1. Transnational Feminism
  2. Modernity and Progress: The Transnational Politics of Suffrage in British Columbia (1910-1916)
  3. Family Matters: Immigrant Women’s Activism in Ontario and British Columbia, 1960s -1980s

Book Reviews

Literary Works

  1. Being After Being Has Washed Away

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