Canadian Journal of Higher Education

Volume 48, Number 3, 2018

Table of contents (12 articles)


  1. Analyse de la gouvernance systémique des universités au Québec et comparaisons avec quatre autres provinces canadiennes
  2. The Relationship Between Experiential Learning and Career Outcomes for Alumni of International Development Studies Programs in Canada
  3. Building an Inclusive Campus: Developing Students’ Intercultural Competencies Through an Interreligious and Intercultural Diversity Program
  4. Provincial Oversight and University Autonomy in Canada: Findings of a Comparative Study of Canadian University Governance
  5. Student Needs, Employment Realities, and PhD Program Design in Canada: The Case of Planning PhD Programs
  6. Measuring School–Family Conflict and Enrichment in University Student Parents: A Measurement Validation Study
  7. Using a Project Blog to Promote Student Learning and Reflection
  8. Stressing in the Fall: Effects of a Fall Break on Undergraduate Students
  9. Faculty Associations Confront Accountability Governance in Ontario Universities

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