Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 14, Number 2, 2023

Table of contents (24 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

Original Research / Recherche originale

  1. Development of ownership of patient care during clerkship
  2. Perceptions of bias in the selection of international medical graduate residency applicants in Canada
  3. Overshadowed by shadowing: Exploring how Canadian medical students experience shadowing
  4. A qualitative study of Canadian resident experiences with Competency-Based Medical Education
  5. Changing the channel: A qualitative analysis of an innovative video intervention to explore resident attitudes towards interprofessional collaboration on a Geriatric Medicine Unit

Reviews, Theoretical Papers, and Meta-Analyses / Articles de synthèse, articles théoriques et méta-analyses

  1. Characteristics of Canadian physicians and their associations with practice patterns: A scoping review
  2. Outcomes of inquiry-based learning in health professions education: A scoping review

Brief Reports / Communications brèves

  1. The Companion Curriculum: Medical students’ perceptions of the integration of humanities within medical education
  2. Enhanced point of care ultrasound skills after additional instruction from simulated patients
  3. “Figuring it out on our own”: Exploring family medicine residents’ sexual assault and domestic violence training

Black Ice / Terrain glissant

  1. Five ways to get a grip on designing medical student clerkship clinical rotations during a pandemic

You Should Try This / Essayez ceci

  1. Research and residency match: A near-peer online webinar
  2. Implementing experiential learning logs addressing social accountability into undergraduate medical clerkship education
  3. Engaging community organizations for undergraduate medical education curriculum renewal
  4. Implementation of a resident-led patient safety curriculum

Canadiana / Canadiana

Commentary and Opinions / Commentaires et Opinions

Letters to the Editor / Lettre à l’éditeur

Images / Images

  1. Falling apart


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