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Number 66, May 2005

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Table of contents (12 articles)


  1. Lectures / Readings

Angela Grauerholz

  1. Reading Room for the Working Artist / Salle de lecture de l’artiste au travail
  2. Between Heaven and Earth, the Loci and the Cosmos : At Work in the Reading Room for the Working Artist
  3. Angela Grauerholz et ses livres


  1. The Atlas Group and Walid Raad, I Was Overcome by a Momentary Panic at the Thought that They Were Right: Documents from the Nassar Files in the Atlas Group Archive, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto 15 September-14 November, 2004
  2. The Atlas Group and Walid Raad, The Truth Will Be Known when the Last Witness Is Dead: Documents from the Fakhouri File at the Atlas Group Archive, AGYU at Prefix ICA, Toronto, September 16-November 27, 2004
  3. Alexandre Castonguay, Digitale, Pierre-François Ouellette Art contemporain, Montréal du 17 juin au 11 septembre 2004
  4. Éveil / Fabulation, Vox, Montréal, 28 avril au 16 octobre et 8 mai au 10 juillet 2004
  5. Peter Greenaway, Tulse Luper Suitcases (Parts I-III, 2003-04), The Montreal Festival of Nouveau Cinema, October 14-24, 2004
  6. Thomas Kneubühler, Office 2000, Skol, Montréal, du 3 septembre au 2 octobre 2004
  7. Bettina Hoffmann, Spoilsport / Trouble-fête, Galerie Liane et Danny Taran, Montréal du 15 juillet au 26 septembre 2004
  8. David Rokeby, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, 25 June to 17 October 2004