Engaged Scholar Journal
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Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2020 Community Engagement and the Anthropologies of Health and Wellbeing Guest-edited by Sylvia Abonyi and Pamela Downe

Table of contents (10 articles)

From the Guest Editors


  1. Cultivating Wellbeing: Young People and Food Gardens on Tanna, Vanuatu
  2. Engaged Palaeoethnobotany on the Northern Plains: A Compelling Future for Medicinal Plant Research
  3. Perspectives on Health: Working with Communities as Cultural Anthropologists and Bioarchaeologists
  4. Using Boundary Objects to Co-Create Community Health and Water Knowledge with Community-Based Medical Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge
  5. Participatory Ethnographic Film: Video Advocacy and Engagement with Q’eqchi’ Maya Medical Practitioners in Belize

Reports from the Field

  1. Reconnecting through Urban Agriculture: A community-engaged video ethnography in Winnipeg
  2. Inuusinni Aqqusaaqtara – My Journey: Meeting the Information Needs of Inuit Living with Cancer

Book Reviews


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