Journal of Ukrainian Studies

Volume 8, Number 1, 2021 Empire, Colonialism, and Famine in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Guest-edited by Bohdan Klid

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  1. Empire-Building, Imperial Policies, and Famine in Occupied Territories and Colonies
  2. Dying Hungry: Nazi Ideology and the Pragmatism behind Starvation in Implementing the Final Solution
  3. Food Supply, Starvation, and Food As a Weapon in the Camps and Ghettos of Romanian-Occupied Bessarabia and Transnistria, 1941-44
  4. Hunger Habitus: State, Society, and Starvation in Twentieth-Century Bengal
  5. Stalin’s Faminogenic Policies in Ukraine: The Imperial Discourse
  6. Internal Colonialism, Alien Rule, and Famine in Ireland and Ukraine
  7. Was the Great Irish Famine a Colonial Famine?
  8. The 1958-62 Chinese Famine and Its Impact on Ethnic Minorities
  9. Raphaël Lemkin, Genocide, Colonialism, Famine, and Ukraine


  1. Famine As an Instrument of Nazi Occupation Policy in Ukraine, 1941-44

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