Geoscience Canada

Volume 6, Number 4, December 1979

Table of contents (20 articles)


  1. The Earthquakes of Atlantic Canada and Their Relationship to Structure
  2. Earth Science Departments in the Eighties: Prepare for the Worst-You May be Surprised
  3. Plate Tectonics and Mineral Deposits: A View from Two Perspectives

Nuclear Waste Disposal

  1. Nuclear Waste Disposal
  2. The Use of Geophysics in the Canadian Radioactive Waste Disposal Program, with Examples from the Chalk River Research Area
  3. Seismic Risk and Toxic Waste Disposal: A Discussion
  4. Geochemisty of Radioactive Waste Disposal
  5. Developing the Data for Nuclear Waste Disposal - Investigations of the Lac du Bonnet Batholith
  6. Fracture Patterns and Stresses in Granites

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