Geoscience Canada

Volume 10, Number 2, June 1983

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    Diagenesis 4. Stable Isotope Studies of Diagenesis in Clastic Rocks
    Seabed Investigations of the Canadian East Coast and Arctic using Pisces IV

Predictive Metallogeny Symposium

    1. The Canadian Experience in Mineral Resource Assessment
    2. Methods of Predictive Metallogeny in the USSR
    3. An Investigation of the Estimation Process of Predictive Metallogeny
    4. Predictive Metallogeny: A Two-Edged Sword
    Invited Discussions: : 1. G.D.J. Boldy
    Invited Discussions: : 2. R.J. Cathro
    General Discussion

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Book Reviews / Critiques

    Book Reviews / Critiques