Geoscience Canada

Volume 24, Number 1, March 1997

Table of contents (12 articles)


  1. Editorial



  1. Ice-sheet Sourced Juxtaposed Turbidite Systems in Labrador Sea
  2. Amazon Submarine Fan Drilling: A Big Step Forward For Deep-sea Fan Models
  3. Erosion and Deposition on Migrating Shoreface-attached Ridges, Sable Island, Eastern Canada
  4. The Compaction of Floodplain Sediments: Timing, Magnitude and Implications
  5. Experiments on Rapid Deposition of Sand from High-velocity Flows
  6. Preservation of Cross-strata Due to Migration of Subaqueous Dunes Over Aggrading and Non-aggrading Beds: Comparison of Experimental Data with Theory

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