Geoscience Canada

Volume 41, Number 3, 2014

Table of contents (9 articles)

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Front Matter

    Front Matter

Paul F. Hoffman Series

    Arc and Slab-Failure Magmatism in Cordilleran Batholiths I : The Cretaceous Coastal Batholith of Peru and its Role in South American Orogenesis and Hemispheric Subduction Flip
    Memories of Pre-Jurassic Lost Oceans : How To Retrieve Them From Extant Lands

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Harold Williams Series

    The Origin of Laurentia : Rae Craton as the Backstop for Proto-Laurentian Amalgamation by Slab Suction
    A Mechanism for Tectonic Inheritance at Transform Faults of the Iapetan Margin of Laurentia
    Crustal Evolution of the Northeast Laurentian Margin and the Peri- Gondwanan Microcontinent Ganderia Prior to and During Closure of the Iapetus Ocean : Detrital Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Evidence from Newfoundland


    Igneous Rock Associations 14. The Volcanic Setting of VMS and SMS Deposits : A Review


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